Spirit Essences Are a Better Way to Use Essences to Help Your Cats!

Spirit Essences are similar to Bach Flower Remedies but with 1 very important distinction. They are the only essences formulated specifically for animals.

Spirit Essences were created by Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian, and Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist. Dr. Hofve has had many years of experience working with essences in a wide variety of animals and settings. Jackson Galaxy is a well respected, nationally known cat behaviorist who used his extensive experience working with cat behavioral issues to help develop and refine the remedies. The result of their collaboration culminated in this specialized line of holistic remedies designed specifically for use in animals!

The best thing about Spirit Essences is that there is no mixing and matching and hoping to hit the right combination for your cat's particular issue. The remedies already contain the ultimate combination of essences for treating a problem. And, to us, they seem to work more quickly with our cats than the Bach Flower Essences we have previously used.

The most popular ones include:

Peacemaker - to reduce tension and territorial attitude in a multi-cat family. This is one we use quite often and we can attest to it's effectiveness! All of the cats seem to tolerate each other better since we started adding it to their water.

Bully Remedy - to reassure the bully in the house that it is not necessary to dominate everyone else in order to live comfortably together. This works well if you have one cat beating-up and intimidating everybody else.

Safe Space for Cats - for cats that have boundary issues and spray because stress due to territorial issues with other cats or pets in the house or with cats seen in his yard from the window. This one kept us from putting Buddy and Louie in "jail"!

Shelter Adoption - to help new kitties adjust to their new home environment. We have not tried this one yet but have it at the ready in case we get any more unexpected kitties.

Feral Cat Rehabilitation - to help feral cats overcome their fears, to facilitate the process of domestication, and to allow them to accept and reciprocate attention and affection from people. Our friends who are caring for a feral cat colony have just started using this with a couple of cats they are trying to rehabilitate. We will let you know how it goes.

UR Fine - to help cats with urinary or kidney disorders. We have not had to use this one yet but others who have say it has done wonders to help minimize litter box avoidance.

These are just a few of the many Spirit Essences remedies designed to help cats with health and behavior issues. There are also Spirit Essences designed to help your dogs and horses too!

We had developed a very difficult problem with Buddy. He had been picking on Marty relentlessly. We started him on Bach Flower Essences, increased his play time, and things started to get better. Then new kittens came into the household.

Despite introducing the little ones to the other cats properly, Buddy went crazy! He started swatting and growling at everyone, went back to torturing Marty, got very agitated when he would see Mr. Hissy, the feral cat, through the window, and started peeing everywhere! - the kitchen counter, walls, even our clothes! He had never acted this way before. And Buddy's urine marking started Louie urine marking too! It was as though Buddy had reached the end of his rope and just hated the world. And his bad humor was affecting the other cats making them unhappy too!

We upped the frequency of the Bach Flowers and increased his play time but he got to where he didn't even want to play! He was very upset and nothing we did was helping. We were quite concerned about what to do.

A friend had some Safe Space for Cats from Spirit Essences and gave it to us to try. We were amazed at the turn around! Within a week, Buddy was playing again like usual, he was picking on the other cats less, even Marty, and the urine marking all but stopped!

Buddy was back to his usual self within a month and we had a list of several Spirit Essences remedies that we planned to order and keep on hand. We were so happy with the results with Buddy that we wanted to be ready in case something else unexpected cropped up.

Give Spirit Essences a try! We are sure you'll be as thrilled with the results as we are! And another benefit with Spirit Essences is, if you are having a problem and are not sure which essence would be best, you can email or call their toll-free number and get help choosing just the right remedy for your particular problem!

Once you try one of these remedies for your troubled cat, you will want to try another for your neurotic dog! Tell all of your pet-loving friends and family about Spirit Essences. These essences, along with loving behavior modification, can help any pet to learn to cope better with the stresses in their lives.

Go to the Spirit Essences website, read all about the remedies, place your order. Soon, all of your cats, indeed all of your pets, will start living the happier, stress-free lives they deserve! They will be happy and so will you!

We highly recommend Spirit Essences as a safe, effective, natural way to help your furry friends lead healthier and happier lives!

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