New cat beating up on resident cat.

We have had a new cat for 5 weeks. They were separated for 2 weeks in separate rooms. Now they are in side by side crates for 4 hours twice a day. The new cat which was found wandering still attacks her everytime she gets a chance. She reaches through the wires and claws at her. Is there anything we can do? We have really become attached to this new cat and wish they could just tolerate each other. Thank you.


Kudos to you for trying to give this lost little cat a new home! It won't be easy for several reasons. First though, stop crating up your resident cat and forcing her to sit side by side with the new cat. This can be very distressing and will undermine her confidence making confrontations between the two more likely especially when crated for such long peropds of time. It is better to put the new cat in a seperate room and allow your resident cat her usual freedom and routine. Put your resident cat in a seperate room and allow the new cat to explore the house but only for 30 minutes to an hour or so at a time. Put the new cat's food on a towel scented with your resident cat so she will associate the smell of your resident cat with something good. Also, rub each cat with a towel and rub their scents on each other to comingle their scents. Bring the new cat out in a crate and when the two cats are in the same room, give them both treats, again so they associate good things with each other. Try using walnut Bach Flower Essence on the new cat. It will help her in adjusting to life in a house. (Click the link on the left to learn more about Bach Flower Essences and cats.) Cats usually attack each other out of fear and your new cat has much to be fearful about. Everything is new. And you have no idea what her life on the streets was like. She may have had bad experiences with other cats. Also, is she spayed? Has she been to the vet for vaccines? Is she healthy? Intact females are very territorial so spaying will help. If she is sick, it will make her feel more vulnerable and more prone to "attack". Also, you don't want her to give any diseases to your resident cat. Be sure to spend time playing with both cats seperately to help their conficence. When the new cat seems calm, open the door to her crate when both cats are in the same room. Give treats and have toys at the ready to distract them if is seem like they are getting ready to attack. It sometimes takes months for s stray off the streets to adjust to their new home and other cats so just keep working on it and try the suggestions. Good Luck!

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