Male or female kitten?

I have a 10 year old indoor male cat (15 lbs. and declawed). I am getting a kitten. I was told to get a female cat to prevent dominance and possible spraying. Is this true or can I get a male kitten without causing total chaos in my household?


We have found that it doesn't really matter regarding the sex as long as everyone is neutered (or spayed as the case may be). If your male has not been neutered, get him fixed and wait at least 2 months before getting a kitten. Un-neutered males have been known to kill kittens that are not their own offspring so it's best not to risk it.

Your boy is probably going to be irritated, st least at first, no matter what sex the kitten is! He has been an only cat for 10 years and may not be inclined to share with any cat. And he is going to dominate the kitten anyway just because he is the adult. He may become irritated with the kitten when the kitten tries to play with him and get too rough so watch for this.
On the other hand, he may find it very enjoyable to have a little buddy he can lord it over and show the ways of the world. Our biggest bully Louie is the sweetest with the kittens, letting them follow him around, sleep with him and he even grooms them. When they get older, he may start beating them up but for now, he really seems to enjoy them.
Just don't leave them alone together until you see how your boy is reacting to the kitten and don't try to force them to be friends. Let them establish a relationship in their own time and in their own way. Good luck and have fun with your growing kitty family!

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Nov 17, 2009
either is fine
by: Anonymous

I have had multiple cats for years, the only problem I have ever encountered when adding a new member to the family is trying to bring in an adult cat. By getting a kitten whether it is male or female does not make a difference as long as the cats you have now are fixed and the kitten will be fixed at 6 months.

A kitten does not threaten the hierarchy of the household, although they do tend to liven it up.
Just be patient it may take a few weeks for the older cat to figure out that the kitten is not going anywhere and will eventually accept it. You will also need to keep an eye on the two of them, so the kitten isn't too irritating and the older cat isn't too grumpy!!


We totally agree 100%! Thank you so much for your comment!!!

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