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I have 9 kitties for 9 years. I love their personalities. I also have 10 litter boxes and still have a problem with my 16 year kitty. I think he's jealous of a few others and I find him peeing in a few places. So far I've been trying to keep the bedroom doors closed and letting the trusted ones in. When i find him peeing I'm putting food dishes and water in that area. I tried feliway but i don't think it works. Can you help with any ideas. I'm looking on the internet for ideas for a homemade cat tree to give them their higher up space. Thank you.


The first thing you need to do is to have him checked by a vet for illness. He could have a urine infection or stones. He may be having trouble getting to the litter box or may be having difficulty using it. Remember, at 16 he is around 80 in human years so be patient and understanding with him.
You need to completely clean any areas where he has gone. Be sure to use an enzymatic cleaner that is specially designed to clean cat urine. It is important to get out the odor or he will have a tendency to want to keep going there.
If the food bowls are helping, keep putting them in the spots where he is going. Or, try putting a litter box in the spot if possible.
We have never had any luck with Feliway either. Try using Bach Flower Essences or Spirit Essences instead. (Check the links on the left for more info) We have had better luck with these.
Also, try using Dr. Elsey's Litter Attractant in the litter (There is a link to this product in our House Full Cat Supply Store). It may help to encourage him to use the litter boxes.
If he is having issues because of age, you may need to make other modifications such as changing the litter type in his box, making it more accessible, etc.
Be sure he is getting enough one-on-one attention and gentle, interactive play time with you. This will improve his confidence and decrease his stress which may help.
As to making your own cat trees, get creative. A wooden step ladder wrapped with sisal rope and carpet remnants makes a great climbing tree. Inexpensive plastic totes stacked in a variety of ways with holes cut in them make great cubbies and, when stacked, also make a great place to climb and get off the ground. Cat's don't need anything fancy so just use your imagination!
Regarding your senior cat, try some of the suggestions mentioned above and see if they help. Let us know how it goes.

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