The Cat Litter Box - Doing It Right In A Multiple Cat Household

The dreaded cat litter box has caused more problems and headaches for more cat owners than practically any other issue. Inappropriate elimination is one of the top reasons cats are turned out or turned in to a shelter. And it is a shame really because the problem is usually the cat owner, not the cat!

Living in a multiple cat household with lots of cats means having to deal with lots of kitty boxes. And, if you haven't had a cat box issue yet, the more cats you have, the greater the chances are that at some point, you will.

In a multiple cat household with lots of cats, there are 3 important things you need to do to help prevent a problem from developing in the first place.

First, you need to have the right number and right type of Cat Litter Boxes. There are several types and styles available on the market. If you choose the wrong type, you'll still spend time cleaning up messes. After all, it doesn't matter how many or how fancy the litter boxes are if your cats won't use them.

In Cat Litter Boxes , we tell you what type has worked for us and how we set them up so our cats prefer to use their boxes rather than the carpet.

The second most important thing you need is the right cat litter. The right box becomes useless if you cat's don't like what it is filled with.

In Cat Litter , we tell you about the various types of litter available, their benefits and drawbacks, and the hands-down favorite of our cats. We also tell you about ways to make the litter more attractive to cats which can be especially helpful if you acquire a cat that is unfamiliar with litter boxes.

The third, and probably most important thing you need, especially when you have lots of cats, is to keep the litter boxes clean! Dirty litter boxes are one of the primary causes of inappropriate elimination.

In Cleaning Cat Urine we discuss some of the more common causes of cats refusing to use the litter box and methods to help you solve the problem. We also tell you what we do to keep our boxes clean and the best way to clean up and eliminate cat urine and cat urine odor so you cats won't continue to do their business in the wrong place!

Living with lots of cats does not have to mean living in a stinky house with messy litter boxes everywhere. With a little common sense and a little daily maintenance, your cats will faithfully use their litter boxes and your house won't smell like a kitty bathroom!

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