Best Cat Toys - Our Cats Just Love 'em - Yours Will Too!!!

This is a list of the Best Cat Toys that we use the most to keep our cats active, entertained, healthy and happy!

If you have read our section on Cat Play you know how important it is for your cat's health and well-being to be able to practice their hunting skills through play. But finding the best cat toys for your cats can be difficult. Every toy claims to be the best and promises your cat hours of fun. So you buy it, give it to your cats, and they look at you as if you've lost your mind by believing they will like it. Some of the so called best cat toys we've tried have actually scared our cats right out of the room!

And not all toys appeal to all cats. If you've read Playing With Cats , you know that we use a variety of the best cat toys to keep everybody interested and active. Here we have highlighted the cat toys that the majority of our cats play with consistently and provide some tips we use to make the fun last!

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Panic Mouse Original

Panic Mouse has been a favorite with all of our cats! At the end of the wand is a fuzzy ball with a leather "tail" that acts as the mouse. When you turn it on, the wand spins back and forth and up and down in erratic motions that resembles prey escaping a hungry cat!

The speed can be adjusted to go from slow, which is good for kittens and older cats, to very fast which makes the more athletic cats go crazy! Our cats actually try to pull the mouse from the wand and run off with it. Failing that, we have even had cats actually try to drag the whole thing away!

The Panic Mouse comes with "feet" referred to as stabilizers. They don't really help. To keep our cats from knocking over the mouse or dragging it off, we tape these feet directly to the carpet using duct tape. We also wrap a piece of duct tape around where the wand attaches to the toy to keep them from easily pulling it off. Taping in no way interferes with the operation of the Panic Mouse and allows our cats to play till exhausted!

We let our cats play Panic Mouse for about 10 to 15 minutes a couple of times a day, 4 to 5 days a week. (Not every day - we don't want them to get bored with it!)

Panic Mouse should only be used under human supervision!

Panic Mouse 360

This version is similar to the original Panic Mouse except that the "mouse" moves in a 360 degree circle completely around the toy. It also moves erratically, stopping and starting, making the "mouse" flip back and forth and up and down. It too can be adjusted to move slow or fast.

Tape this one as well so it won't be knocked over or pulled away.

Both styles of Panic Mouses (Mice?) are equally entertaining for our cats and considered one of the Best Cat Toys.

Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse

Also by Panic Mouse, the Undercover Mouse is perfect for cats that prefer to chase things on the ground. We call these cats "ground pounders".

This toy features the same type of "mouse" as the Panic Mouse toys except that it hides under the cover and spins back and forth and around and around erratically, mimicking a mouse trying to hide.

Our cats will chase after the "mouse", pouncing on it, trying to snag it with their claws. They will watch it, lying in pounce mode, butt wiggling, awaiting the perfect moment to strike!

The cover is made of strong nylon and has stood up to a lot of cat clawing. Because it's low to the ground, it can't be tipped over. The cats will get under the cover to grab the mouse which stops play for everyone. Rarely, they have pulled to cover off the toy to get to the mouse. Other than that, this Best Cat Toys is a best pick for your ground pounders.

Like the other Panic Mouse Toys, the Undercover Mouse should only be used under human supervision.

Yeowww! Catnip Toys - Banana

All of our cats LOVE this. Made by Yeoww, the banana is a tough, cotton material stuffed with catnip. Our cats grab it, fling it, and, most often, hug it and bunny kick the heck out of it!

Considering how much play time this toy got, it held up surprisingly well! As you can see in the after play pic, the banana is limp and practically flat which shows just how much it was played with! We recommend getting a couple of them for your cats.

We leave this out for a day then put it away for a few days so the cats don't become immune to the catnip. To keep the catnip fresh, put it in a plastic bag and store it in the fridge.

Yeoww! also makes other shapes and styles of this type of toy but for our cats, the banana is by far their favorite! It is definitely one of the Best Cat Toys!

Petmate Crazy Circle Cat Toy

The Crazy Circle Cat Toy by Petmate as long been a Best Cat Toys favorite among our cats. It is one toy that we leave out all the time for solitary cat play.

The Crazy Circle features a hard, plastic ring with various paw holes along the top and sides so the cats can reach in and bat the ball inside around the ring or reach in and stop their "prey" from escaping to the other side of the ring or into the grasp of another cat that is also playing!

Periodically, throughout the day (and night!), one cat or another can be heard batting the ball around in the ring. Cats of all ages seem to enjoy this toy!

We have had ours for years and it has held up well. Our cats give this toy a two paws up!

Crinkle Ball

Crinkle Balls are a Best Cat Toys pick by all of our cats! These little, lightweight balls look like pom-poms and make a crinkly sound when played with. Without exception, all of our cats enjoy playing with these balls. Murry is especially fond of them and loves to carry them in his mouth to the water bowl, dump them in, and bat them around like little round boats!

The nice thing about the Crinkle Ball is that they are light and easy for even a kitten to carry around in their mouth - like a successfully caught prey animal! And, they won't fall apart in the water bowl! (Good news for Murry!)

They all bat them around til they disappear under the couch, refrigerator, behind the bookshelf, etc. We recommend getting a bucket full of these because, while they are not destroyed in the water or easily torn apart, they do seem to disappear fast!

Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy

The Cat Dancer is voted one of the Best Cat Toys by us humans! It is the perfect distraction toy for bored or unruly cats!

The Cat Dancer features little cardboard rolls on the end of a wire. When you hold the end of the wire, the little rolls bounce and swing erratically enticing the cats to jump and leap and swat at them.

We keep several of these stashed throughout the house, tucked in drawers or furniture cushions. Whenever a cat starts picking on another cat or exhibiting other unwanted behavior, we pull one out and the cat immediately stops the behavior to go for the Cat Dancer. We have stopped many disagreements between cats from developing into full blown fights! We swear by these as our "sanity savers"!

The Da Bird

Every cat at House Full of Cats votes Da Bird as favorite Best Cat Toys! They like it so much that we have to keep it locked up or they will steal it and try to run off with it!

Da Bird is a fishing pole type cat toy that features stiff bird feathers on a swivel hook. As it swings through the air, the feathers spin making a swooshing sound that mimics the sound of a bird in flight. This is an especially great toy for active, athletic cats. They run, leap and jump quite high as they try to catch the "bird"

We swing it high in the air, low to the ground, up, down and around furniture and cat trees using the same erratic flight path birds would do to escape predatory cats. Every once in a while, we let a cat capture the "bird" and then wiggle it to mimic a bird trying to escape the cat's clutches.

This is an especially good toy to play with out in the kitty yard on nice days. We run all over the yard (like we are flying a kite) with a herd of cats running along leaping and jumping trying to catch Da Bird. We probably look ridiculous but the cats just love it! It is a great way to tire them out for the night or work up an appetite for dinner! Definitely one of the Best Cat Toys! (Be sure to get extra feather sets - the cats will eventually shred them!)

Go!Cat!Go! Play-N-Treat Cat Balls

These are perfect for solitary play for the cats when we are away for the day and especially at night for bored cats! We put cat treats or freeze dried or dehydrated bits of meat inside and stash the balls around the house. The cats will discover the treat ball (they can smell the food), start batting it around, and suddenly, food falls out!

There is no need to "train" or otherwise introduce cats to these balls. We have watched cats that have never seen these before, catch wind of the tasty tidbits inside, start poking at the hole trying to get the food out - the ball starts moving and soon a treat falls out! The cats quickly realize that batting the ball around will resort in a tasty reward! They will even continue batting the ball around after the food is gone. These balls are one of the Best Cat Toys to relieve boredom and get even lazy cats to exercise!

Fur Mice

We buy these Fur Mice by the box full because our cats love them so much! And, like the Crinkle Balls, they end up disappearing under and behind things. Also, they can eventually get shredded by the cats and, if they are put in the water dish, they can become soaked and fall apart. (We have also stepped on them ourselves, crushing them into oblivion!)

Cats of all ages love to bat these mice around and fling them up in the air and pounce on them when they land! We will hide a few of these one evening a week and let the cats find them and play with them till they get destroyed or disappear. We usually see the cats with them for 2 or 3 days before they are gone. We don't leave them out all the time so the fur mice become a new and fun toy for the cats to play with each week.

We store the mice in a plastic bag filled with catnip to make them even more enticing to the cats! For the price and "play-ability", fur mice make some of the Best Cat Toys!

SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Cat Toy Box

This is one of the Best Cat Toys for solitary play! The box has paw size holes in the top and sides, perfect for the cats to fish out the balls, fuzzy mice and treats we put in it. It is great if you have to be gone for the day or if you have cats that like to be active at night.

It comes with only two balls which is not enough for the cats. We fill ours with ping-pong balls, crinkle balls, and fuzzy mice. We also put in a few treats to entice the cats to the box. We have found that both young and old seem to enjoy pulling stuff out of the box. It is especially good for exercising the cats mental acuity. It doesn't require much athletic ability but it does require them to think a bit in order to figure out how to get the toy or treat out of the box.

We use this every day but vary the toys and treats we put inside in order to keep things interesting for the cats.

Our Pets Play-N-Squeak - Mouse

This fuzzy mouse features a tiny microchip that makes the mouse "squeak" whenever it is touched or batted by the cat. The sound does a good job of mimicking the actual squeak sound a real mouse makes.

We have found that this toy is more fun for the kittens. Our adult cats will watch the kittens play with it but don't play with it much themselves. But because the kittens seem to go crazy for it, it had to be included on our Best Cat Toys list! The kittens love to bat, fling and bunny kick the mouse around. It is well made too. Our mouse has held up to several generations of active kitten play but we do keep a spare in case they finally destroy their current one!

We leave this out all the time if we have kittens so they can play with it whenever the mood strikes. If we don't have any kittens (which is rare!) we put it away and just take it out on occasion for them to play with.

KONG Cat Kickeroo Catnip Toy

These are similar to the Yeoww! banana in that they also contain catnip but they are bigger, made of fuzzy material and have a fuzzy tail attached. Like the banana, the cats really enjoy hugging these and bunny kicking the stuffing out of them!

While these are not as popular as the banana, the cats all still really like them so we had to include them as one of our Best Cat Toys. The only real negative to the kickers is that they seem to be shredded and destroyed fairly quickly. Despite this, they do provide lots of enjoyment for the cats so we always try to keep a few on hand.

This list of Best Cat Toys describes only a portion of the different toys we have for our cats. We are always open to new things because you can just never tell what toy a cat will like.

There is a new toy we came across that "pops" the toy in the air for the cats to chase and pounce on. It looked like it might be fun so we tried it with our cats. When the toy popped up, the cats ran from the room and wouldn't come back until we removed the toy! We gave the toy to a friend with 2 cats and her cats had a ball with it! Just goes to show, you never know!

If you have a toy that your cats really like and would like to share your experience with others, we invite you to submit it on our Cat Q&A Page . It's not just for questions, it's for everything about cats!

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