Everything About Feeding Cats in a Multiple Cat Household

Feeding cats, especially in a large multiple cat household, is more than just putting some food in a dish and letting them have at it. How and where you feed your cats is just as important as what you feed them.

Cats are very motivated by food and the competition for it can be fierce! When cats share food, some will gobble it up as fast as possible while others may not even be able to get to the food and be left with nothing. Minimizing the competition for food and feeding them nutritional meals they obviously enjoy will help to promote the bonds of trust and friendship between you and your cats.

waiting for cat food

In our multiple cat household, feeding time may look like a mob scene but its really more like controlled chaos. With a little planning and strategic maneuvering, we are able to eliminate competition at mealtimes and maintain the bonds of trust and friendship with all our cats.

Setting up feeding stations for feeding cats can help to insure that everyone gets the food they need and enjoy - even the timid ones and those on a special diet. Click on Cat Feeding to see what we did and why it works.

Cats eat mice. How nutritious can that be? You might be surprised! Click on Cat Nutrition to learn what foods are important for the good health of your cats and why. We explain it all so it makes sense.

Canned, dry, even homemade - with all of the choices in cat food, how do you know what to feed your cats? You want to feed them food that's good for them but you practically need a degree in science to understand what those confusing cat food labels mean. Click on Best Cat Food . We explain it all in plain English. We've done all the research and boiled it down to what you really need to look for.

Or, try your hand at making your own cat food. Homemade Cat Food done right is nutritious and delicious - we'll show you how - it's easy!

Finicky cats and obese cats. Problems every cat lover worries about. Click on Feeding Your Cat to find out how to avoid the mistakes that lead to finickiness and overeating in your cats and practical ways to cope with problem eaters.

Waiting to eat

Feeding your cat the wrong food? Need to change a cat's diet? Changing the diet of 1 or 2 cats in a multiple cat household can take some doing. Cat Diet will explain how to safely change your cat's diet and what all those different specialized and prescription cat foods are all about.

Our cats had a lot of problems with dry cat foods so we stopped giving it to them. However, we recently started again. Click on Dry Cat Food Update to read about why we changed our thinking and what food we chose.

By feeding cats proper cat food, providing several feeding stations, applying a little knowledge and giving your cats lots of love and attention, you too can have a happy, healthy and well fed house full of cats.

All the information you need to turn your mealtime mob scene into controlled chaos is right here.

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