3 female cats: Friends turned to hatered

I have 3 cats, the oldest is 9 years old, the middle one is 5 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. I had them all since they were babies, the one I had to bottlefeed, so they have been with me a long time.

About a week ago, I walked into my home and their was blood on the floor. I looked and saw the oldest cat was bleeding. Now, they hated eachother from the start, but never attacking like this, only a hiss or too. Then today I see the middle cat and the baby cat fighting so bad. I put the middle cat in the room and let the baby one stay out with the oldest, then all of a sudden they stated hissing, growling and the baby was trying to get out of my arms.

I really don't know wats going on with all of them. They are such great cats, but i dont know wats gotten to them. Any help or advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thnks

From Worrying cat owner


Baby cat has reached maturity and is trying to assert dominence over the other 2. Also, we bet that baby is the bottle fed one. Bottle fed babies tend to have more difficulty getting along with other cats and tend to be more agressive. We have also noticed that they seem to bite more! Increasing play time, especially with baby, offering them all treats when they are in the same room and behaving, and using Feli-way or Bach Flowers will help but ultimately, it will take time. Their relationship will re-establish itself eventually. In the mean time, if baby is hurting the others, isolate him when you are not there to supervise, and try some of the suggestions. Good Luck!

Donna, House Full Cats Mom

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