The Multiple Cat Household - Living With Lots Of Happy, Healthy Cats

We love cats! Living in a large multiple cat household is a lot of fun. And we should know! We live in a house full of cats. All of them rescued from a shortened life and certain death.

Do you live with lots of rescued stray cats? Are you hoping to have your own cat sanctuary? Then you've come to the right place. We can help make living with a large multiple cat family a little easier. And when we say large, we don't mean 3 or 4 cats. We are talking about a feline family of 15, 30, 50 or more!

In our multiple cat household, we are currently the cat guardians for 53 cats of all ages and temperaments. From the tiniest kitten to geriatric cats; from needy people oriented cats to fearful ferals, we've got them all! Every cat has their own special needs and requirements and by letting them teach us, our cats have taught us much along the way. We have had many successes and many failures.

Some ideas work perfectly right at the outset and others have required many, many modifications to even approach success! Passing on everything we have learned - both good and bad - is the purpose of this website. Our hope is that by helping others to learn how to successfully live in a multiple cat household, more cats can be saved from a life of pain, fear and death.


We are currently in the process of updating our website so some pages may not be immediately available. We have grown, changed, and learned so much that our cats and practices demand updating. If you hit on a page that you cannot access, please be patient and try again later. We are only doing 1 page at a time so you won't miss out on anything. Any page that is down will not be down for long and the info will be well worth waiting for! Thank you for your understanding.


When you live in a house full of cats there is never a shortage of entertainment and it's impossible to get bored. While parenting lots of cats brings lots of joy - it can also be frustrating, challenging and sometimes heartbreaking.

With clear explanations and pictures, we pass on ideas, suggestions and PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to help make caring for your large multiple cat household a lot more fun with less frustration.

Is mealtime a mob scene? Some cats not eating? Others eating too much? Feeding Cats will show you how to restore order to mealtimes, inform you about cat nutrition, help you to choose the best cat food or make your own Homemade Cat Food, explain methods for coping with problem eaters, and more!

Do you have a bully or two making the timid ones hide under the bed and causing the fur to fly? We can help you to stop all the Fussing and Fighting in your multiple cat household. Learn ways to increase indoor space and create a safe haven outdoors, and more!

You know playtime for cats is important but in a multiple cat household it can be difficult to make sure every cat gets to have fun. In Cat Play, we tell you what works and what doesn't.

Do you have your cat first aid kit ready? Cat Safety will tell you how to be prepared to handle emergencies and better yet, how to avoid indoor and outdoor safety hazards.

A multiple cat household can mean multiple cat messes. From cat litters to vacuums - mops to cat urine remover - we rate the Products used in cat care and tell you what works and what not to waste your money on.

We also share wonderful Cat Stories, information on Cat Names, Different Cat Breeds, Cat Coats and Colors and even Cat Talk. There's also lots of pictures of kittens and cats plus so much more!

Cats are often viewed as independent and solitary creatures. But cats actually form a very rich and complex social life. Understanding feline group dynamics will help you have a happier house full of cats.

We update frequently with new information on cat health, behavior and products to help make living in a multiple cat household more fun with less frustration so be sure to bookmark us and check back often.

Proceeds from sales and donations made on this site support our ongoing efforts to provide sanctuary to lost, lonely and unwanted cats, and help us to continue to promote Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) programs in the community.

This website is a work in progress. Please bear with us - the cats will only tolerate so many hours of computer work! If we have not yet posted an area of interest and you have specific questions regarding living with multiple cats, please Contact Us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Lots of Cats - Lots of Questions!
Q & A All About Living with Lots of Cats!
Understanding Cat Behavior
Understanding Cat Behavior and Fixing Problem Behaviors in a Multiple Cat Household
Feeding Cats in a Large Multiple Cat Household
Feeding Cats in a large multiple cat household, practical solutions to eating problems, providing good cat nutrition, and finding the best cat food to feed your cats
Cat Nutrition, Knowing the Basics
Learn what is necessary for good cat nutrition and why each nutrient is so important for your cat's good health
Finding the Best Cat Food and Reading Cat Food Labels
Understanding the nutritional benefits of different types of cat food will help you determine what is the best cat food for your cat
Using Cat Feeding Stations and Developing A Cat Feeding Routine
Cat feeding in a multiple cat household made easier using feeding stations and developing a cat feeding routine
Is Homemade Cat Food Right for Your Cats?
Homemade Cat Food - save money by making your own healthy, natural cat food your cats will love!
Cat Food Recipes
Cat Food Recipes
Pictures of Cats and Kittens in our Family
Pictures of Cats and Kittens who have touched our lives, their personalities, favorite things, and how they came to be with us.
Pictures of cats and kittens
Pictures of cats and kittens - more of our feline family and new arrivals.
Pictures Of Kittens and Cats - More New Arrivals
Pictures of Kittens and Cats - More New Arrivals to Our Cat Sanctuary
Cat Communication
Cat communication - understanding how cats communicate with each other and with us!
Cat Talk Quick Quide
Cat Talk Quick Guide for quickly determining your cats emotions.
Cat Play In A Multiple Cat Household
Cat Play and Its Vital Importance In A Multiple Cat Household
Best Cat Toys That Your Cats Will Love!
The Best Cat Toys That Our Cats Love and Your Cats Will Love Too!
Cat Safety - Keeping Cats Safe Indoors and Outdoors
Cat Safety - Keeping Cats Safe Indoors and Outdoors
Outdoor Cat Enclosure - Keeping Cats Safe and Happy Outdoors
Outdoor Cat Enclosure - Ours and How We Made It and Keep Our Cats Safe In It
Cat Containment Outdoors - Our Expansion!
Cat Containment Outdoors - Our Expansion!
Outdoor Cat Fence Enclosure Pictures
Outdoor Cat Fence Enclosure Pictures and Details
Cat Litter Box
Cat Litter Box - Doing It Right In A Multiple Cat Household
Bach Flower Remedies: Helping Your Cats Cope With Stress
Bach Flower Remedies: Helping Your Cats Cope With Stress Using Natural
Spirit Essences - An Alternative to Bach Flower Remedies for Cats
Spirit Essences - An Alternative to Bach Flower Remedies for Cats
Cat Stories
Cat Stories - Facinating real stories about cats we know!
Cat Books, Magazines, Dvds and Videos
Cat Books, Cat, Magazines, Cat DVD's and Cat Videos All About Cats!
Cat Supply Store
Cat Supply shopping made easier!
Cat Furniture, Unique Toys, Collars, Fun Gift Items and more!
Cat Furniture and More! in Our Cats House Store Full of Fun!
Cat Calendars and more!
Cat Calendars of all types - almost 200 Cat Themed Calendars
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Multiple Cat Household monthly on-line newsletter providing you with updates to our website and up-to-date information regarding the world of cats.
Multiple Cats Blog
Our Multiple Cats Blog keeps you up-to-date with what's new at our sanctuary. You can also read questions submitted by other cat owners. Subscribe here.
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Make A Donation to the House Full Cat Sanctuary
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